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Welcome to Holeshot Performance Clutching

Why Buy Holeshot?

Our snowmobile clutch kits deliver bolt on performance for aggressive riders who like to be in front of the pack

Aggressive acceleration that reaches top speed more quickly

Delivers tremendous low end and mid-range performance increases

Exceptional back shifting delivers stronger out of the corner pull

Keeps engine operating at correct RPM to keep power on tap when you need it

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Arctic Cat Spider Repairs

Don’t spend $400-500 dollars on a new Arctic Cat primary drive clutch when the dealer tells you your rollers can not be serviced.

We have the proper tooling to fix and replace the rollers in your Arctic Cat 6 and 9 post tower clutches for half the price of buying a new clutch

Clutching Maintenace

Before tearing into the carburetors or fuel/air system, it might be worth your while to have us inspect and clean your snowmobile’s clutches. 

Since a snowmobile clutch is right next to the engine, the clutch surfaces and belt get a build up of grime caused by oil mist, exhaust gases, belt wear, and water. Eventually this causes friction and the clutches start to bind and stick essentially robbing the engine of power and giving the sled a sluggish feel. In some cases you may here a clunking noise when coming to a stop as a sticking clutch sheave pops back to idle position.

Arctic Cat Clutch Service Items

Holeshot Performance Clutching offers critical Arctic Cat clutch service items. You can’t get these parts separately from your Cat dealer, Better than OEM quality!

Have you tried to get clutch bushings, pins, rollers, spacer washers or buttons to rebuild the drive clutch on your Arctic Cat? Check any parts fiche - The bushings are no longer available, only complete clutch assemblies. What to do? Holeshot Performance Clutching now offers these critical service items.

Arctic Cat Drive Clutch Spider Pins, Rollers, & Washers Kit


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This kit rebuilds your Arctic Cat drive clutch rollers to better than OEM standards. Includes Spyder Roller, Pin, and Spacer Washer. Available in standard size

Drive Clutch Moveable Sheave Bushing - Arctic Cat 33mm


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Moveable sheave bushing for 30mm – 33mm crankshaft models

Arctic Cat Drive Clutch Cover Bushing


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Cover bushing for all models

Arctic Cat Spyder Spacer Kit


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Kit includes 6 large diameter washers and 2 small diameter washers.


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